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Hostal San Miguel  

Calle San Miguel 36, 29780


  • Hotel San Miguel

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  • One of our double rooms

Twin with private facilities
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Double with private facilities
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Welcome to San Miguel, our recently built and very fresh hotel in Nerja. With it´s twelve rooms with private bath, AC, pool, bar and sun terrace it´s perfect in many ways. Perfect for vacations on your own or in a group, perfect for courses, trainingcamps, perfect for work or conferences etc. The hotel is positioned right in the middle of Nerja. With only two blocks to the bus station and a few minutes to the beaches and the beautiful town center with it´s restaurants and shops, it´s an ideal position. On top of the hotel there is a roof terrace. There is a wonderful view both to the sea and to the magnificient mountain range. There is a pool which comes in very handy with children or if you don´t bother to go down to the beach in the heat. Also as a refresher after a day´s work or excursion it is unbeatable. The staff and management of hotel San Miguel is swedish and all are fluent in English and Spanish. We are all at your service for both preparations and bookings beforeyou come as well as all the activities and help you would like to have during your stay.

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