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Habiba Village  

Habiba Bay, 46618


  • incredible sunsets overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba

  • cabins are equipped with beds, wardrobe, fan

  • rooms are comfortable with A/C and ensuite bathroom

  • out side room view

  • Habiba organic farm

  • Sun Set October 2011

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Habiba is a cozy family run hotel directly on the beach of Nuweiba on the Red Sea. Our slogan is: leave your worries at the door and let us care for your every whim. We attempt to preserve the famous Sinai atmosphere of relaxation and peace of mind. Habiba is not for everyone. Accommodation and environment are kept simple. There is no television in the room, but you enjoy fascinating scenery, the majestic Sinai Mountains, an endless view over the Gulf of Aqaba and incredible sunsets. We don’t play music on the beach nor do we serve alcohol. We offer you the opportunity to spend a holiday away from demanding routines. Don’t expect superficial luxury, but count on our friendly and highly personalized services. We care for the health of our guests. We are member of Cristal Middle East, the UK based health and safety company CheckSafetyFirst. Over the years we have become well-known for our cuisine and you will find outside guests frequenting our restaurants not only for tasty and safe food, but also as a result of Habiba’s unique atmosphere and prime hospitality services.

  • Parkolás
  • Ingyenes Wifi hozzáférés
  • Étterem
  • Kisállatokat megenged
  • Szobaszolgálat
  • Nem dohányzó szobákkal
  • Légkondiciónálás
  • Ventilátor
  • Szúnyogháló
  • Lovaglás
  • Magánstrand
  • Trekking
  • Túrák és kirándulások
  • Vizisport
  • Belváros
  • Hegyi terület
  • Sivatag és szurdok
  • Tenger közeli
  • Tengerparti

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