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Ciao Nuweiba Hotel  

Dune Beach - The small Duna, 069


  • Ciao Nuweiba Hotel (Satallite View)

  • Ciao Nuweiba Room's Terrace

  • Ciao Nuweiba Hotel Bed Room

  • Ciao Nuweiba Swimming Pool With Jacuzzi

  • Ciao Nuweiba Kids Pool

  • Ciao Nuweiba Hotel Private Beach (Mountains View)

  • Ciao Nuweiba Beach Shadows (Provided with comfortable cushions)

  • Ciao Nuweiba Main Style Restaurant (Air Conditioned)

  • Ciao Nuweiba Bedion Caffet (Open Air)

  • Ciao Nuweiba Open Air - Lotus Beach Bar (Night Party)

Ciao Nuweiba Hotel is situated on the Dunes Beach along the Red Sea, 3 kilometers south of Nuweiba town and 4 km north of Nuweiba Port. Ciao Nuweiba Hotel, by its distinctive location, provides scenic views of the majestic mountains of Sinai & Saudia Arabia, a direct access into pristine coral-filled area of the Red Sea, and a perfect place to enjoy sun baths on the soft sand dunes at the hotel's private beach. Each elegantly furnished air conditioned room, has been furnished to create a warm and welcoming environment in which to relax. Each room has a private bathroom, satellite TV, minibar, direct dial telephone and a view overlooking the swimming pool or the sea. The hotel has two restaurants that serve seafood as well as traditional Egyptian dishes. Besides, there is the Beach Bedouin Cafe, furnished comfortably with traditional carpets and cushions, offering a wide range of sandwiches and snacks, hot and refreshing cold drinks as well as alcoholic beverages and hookahs. The hotel can provide the guest with diving and water sports equipments, where you will be equipped and instructed for a wide array of water sports, whatever your skill level. So if you fancy diving, snorkeling or kayaks, windsurfing, water-skiing, swimming with dolphins or simply a pedal boat ride, then this is the place for you. As it's our main aim, the staff at Ciao Nuweiba Hotel wishes to make Ciao Nuweiba Hotel a home away from home for all our guests.

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