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World > Sweden > Stockholm
City Guide Stockholm
General information
Stockholm combines the charm of a small town with the cosmopolitan bustle of a major city, and is known as “the Venice of the North” because the city is spread out across fourteen islands. Stockholm has more international visitors than the other Scandanavian countries, and is often thought of as the capital of Scandanavia as well as of Sweden. Since water covers one third of the city, there is a thriving maritime culture, and you will see boats, bridges, marinas and locks every way you turn. The water in Stockholm is excpetionally clean, and you can catch healthy salmon in the middle of the city. Sweden is well-known for its emphasis on design, and Stockholm is home to the country’s best-known designers. This manifests itself in interesting architecture, distinctive furniture that is both functional and artistic, and gives a fresh, modern feel to the city. The best time of the year to visit Stockholm is in the summertime, which is also the peak tourist season, but this is when the weather is mild and warm and the natural beauty of the city is shown to the best advantage.
One of the best ways to discover and see a great part of Stockholm is by sightseeing by bus or boat. Anyone who''s been to a large European city knows that you''re likely to do more than your share of walking there, and Stockholm is no different. It''s an ideal place to explore on foot. The central part is relatively small, and things are easy to find.
By Air
Stockholm has direct air links with a large number of European and American cities. Arlanda Airport, tel. 08-797 60 00, is on the E4 highway about 40 km north of Stockholm. At the homepage of the Civil Aviation Authority you can check the airlines that are represented in Stockholm. Arlanda also handles a large number of domestic and charter flights. Hot tip: You can also get to Arlanda by public transport. Take the commuter train to Märsta and catch bus no 583 . Bromma Airport, tel. 08-797 68 00, which handles domestic and some international flights, is about 8 km west of Stockholm. Malmö Aviation, tel. 020-55 00 10. Skavsta Airport, tel. 0155- 28 04 00, which handles both domestic and international flights, is close to Nyköping about 100 km south of Stockholm.
By Car
Stockholm can be reached by car in about 6 hours from southern Sweden (by the E4 highway) and 5 hours from the West Coast (by the E18 highway). The motorways leading to Stockholm are continuously upgraded and improved. If you are thinking of driving to Stockholm, you can obtain help in planning your trip by consulting a map.
By Train
The Central Train Station (Centralstationen) is the major hub for all public transportation in Stockholm. This is where you´ll find all trains, buses, the subway and airport buses/Arlanda express. To the south of the city centre, you´ll find Stockholm Syd Flemingsberg, near the commuter trains and the Huddinge hospital. For more information about train schedules and tickets, please contact SJ (Swedish State Railways) at +46 771 75 75 75,
By Boat
Stockholm can easily be reached from the other Baltic countries by the large passenger and car ferries that berth at their own terminals close to the city centre. Ferries between Sweden and Europe: Estonia, Finland and the Åland Islands, Gotland Lithuania, Poland, Criuises